AIDS and HIV Coding and Sequencing in ICD-10-CM


In this course, participants will review The Official Coding Guidelines for Coding and Reporting, with a focus on Coding Clinic advice related to AIDS and HIV-positive coding. A thorough explanation of the disease and its treatments will be provided, and case scenarios will be presented to enhance coders' understanding of code assignments and sequencing.

Included Lessons:

  • What is AIDS and HIV?
  • AIDS and HIV Coding Tips
  • Transmission of the Diseases
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Treatment for HIV
  • Prevention
  • Coding Information Pertaining to AIDS/HIV Infection
  • Coding Information and Coding Clinics Pertaining to AIDS/HIV Infection
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Key Takeaways

  • Advanced AIDS/HIV Coding Skills: Master specific coding guidelines and clinic advice for AIDS/HIV cases.
  • Hands-On Coding Experience: Apply skills through real-world AIDS/HIV coding scenarios and exercises.
  • Comprehensive Disease Knowledge: Gain a robust understanding of AIDS/HIV pathology and symptomology.
  • Strategic Coding Techniques: Absorb and apply nuanced coding tips and strategies for AIDS/HIV.
  • Expertise in Treatment Code Assignment: Code confidently across a variety of HIV treatment modalities.
  • Informed Clinical Coding: Encode clinical aspects like symptoms and prevention accurately.
  • Resolution of Coding Complexities: Navigate and solve intricate AIDS/HIV coding challenges effectively.
  • Uphold Coding Compliance: Ensure your coding adheres strictly to the latest guidelines and recommendations.

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Master AIDS/HIV-Specific Coding
  • Apply Real-World Coding Scenarios
  • Understand AIDS/HIV Clinical Nuances
  • Adopt Advanced Coding Strategies
  • Navigate HIV Treatment Coding
  • Ensure Compliance with Latest Guidelines


How will the course enhance my coding skills specifically for AIDS and HIV?
The course explores The Official Coding Guidelines and Coding Clinic advice specific to AIDS and HIV, supplemented with practical case scenarios to elevate your coding accuracy and efficiency for these conditions.
How does the course ensure the reliability of the coding information presented, especially concerning Coding Clinics for AIDS/HIV Infection?

The course is curated with information derived from reputable sources, including The Official Coding Guidelines and Coding Clinic advice, ensuring that you’re equipped with reliable and compliant coding knowledge.

Does the course encompass the most recent AIDS/HIV coding guidelines?

Absolutely. The course incorporates the latest updates and modifications to coding guidelines and clinic advice pertinent to AIDS and HIV to ensure relevancy and compliance.

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