Anemia Overview - Types, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


This course dissects the multi-faceted elements of anemia, providing an in-depth exploration into its pathophysiology, diagnostic modalities, and prevalent treatment strategies, ultimately sculpting a well-rounded framework for coders to understand the condition in a holistic manner. Coders are empowered with the skills to astutely navigate through medical records, identifying and extrapolating pertinent information, thereby ensuring accurate code assignment while simultaneously enhancing overall coding productivity. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, the curriculum weaves through various case studies and coding scenarios, equipping coders with a robust and applicable skill set to adeptly manage real-world challenges encountered in medical coding related to anemia.

Included Lessons:

  • Pathophysiology of Anemia
  •  Basic Laboratory Tests Used in an Anemia Workup
  • Most common types of Anemia, Symptoms, Laboratory Tests for Diagnosis, and Treatment

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced Coding Productivity: Gain an insightful understanding of the disease process, particularly focusing on varied types of anemia, to streamline the coding process and enhance productivity.

  • In-depth Anemia Overview: Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of different anemia types, encompassing symptoms, diagnostic methods, and treatments, solidifying the theoretical foundation essential for precise coding.

  • Practical Application: Through interactive materials such as documents and online videos, apply theoretical knowledge to practical coding scenarios, fostering an ability to make informed coding decisions efficiently.

  • Efficient Decision Making: Develop the aptitude to make swift, informed decisions regarding the selection of principal diagnoses or discerning the necessity for queries based on a foundational understanding of disease pathophysiology.

Benefits of Taking Course

  • Boosted coding productivity
  • Enhanced clinical knowledge
  • Faster decision-making in coding
  • Overview of anemia types
  • Insight into symptoms, testing, and treatment of anemia
  • Practical application through assignments and exams
  • Access to valuable disease-related resources
  • Confidence in selecting principal diagnoses
  • In-depth understanding of anemia pathophysiology


How will this course's deep dive into anemia enhance my ability to accurately assign codes and boost my overall coding productivity?
By dissecting anemia in a multi-faceted manner — exploring its pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatments — the course ensures you grasp a holistic understanding of the condition. This knowledge empowers you to navigate medical records astutely, pinpointing and extracting crucial information that guarantees precise code assignment. This not only amplifies your coding accuracy but also significantly elevates your overall coding productivity by enabling a smoother, more informed coding process.
How does the course ensure that the theoretical knowledge provided translates into practical skills applicable in real-world coding scenarios?

The course uses videos that include audiovisual information and questions to cement your understanding of anemia in real world contexts.

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