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Principal Diagnosis Coding

Principal Diagnosis Coding Course Package

What you'll learn

  • How to accurately select a principal or primary procedure
  • What to do when multiple procedures are present and no definitive procedure has been performed for the principal diagnosis
  • How to address selection of principal diagnosis when the patient is admitted with a symptom and another diagnosis
  • Principal diagnosis when the patient is admitted with an acute condition due to a documented underlying cause
  • How to select the appropriate PDX when two conditions may equally apply
  • Principal diagnosis selection in gastrointestinal bleeding versus blood loss anemia
  • How to properly choose a principal diagnosis and secondary diagnoses for patients admitted to Long Term Acute Hospitals
  • Principal diagnosis on Swing Bed accounts
  • Hospital UB04 coding and the difficulties associated with selecting a principal diagnosis since an equivalent code to V57.- is not available
  • Differences between hospital UB-04 rehabilitation coding and Rehabilitation Unit IRF-PAI diagnosis coding
  • MS-DRG impact
  • Outpatient reporting and CMS transmittals
  • How to select the "first listed" or "primary" diagnosis on outpatient encounters to include ancillary, emergency room, clinic and outpatient surgery visits 
  • The difference between expected postoperative conditions and true intraoperative or postoperative complications
  • The basics of various Quality Measurement programs


Coders are familiar with coding guidelines that provide instructions to ensure coding and reporting is accurate and consistent. However, sometimes choosing the principal diagnosis can be challenging even with knowledge of the coding guidelines. In this course the selection of principal diagnosis is discussed in depth. Various courses address various problematic areas of principal diagnosis selection.  One course has practice scenarios in which the coder tests their knowledge of principal diagnosis selection.

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  • Introduction to CMS and Other Quality Measurement Programs and Relationship to Coding 
  • Long Term Care Hospital (LTAC) Coding 
  • Observation to Inpatient Status Diagnosis Coding 
  • Obstetrics Principal Diagnosis Practice Scenarios (Prereq: Obstetrics Principal Diagnosis Selection and Coding)
  • Obstetrics Principal Diagnosis Selection and Coding 
  • Outpatient Encounters First Listed or Primary Diagnosis Assignment
  • Postoperative Complication Coding 
  • Principal Diagnosis Assignment 
  • Principal Diagnosis Assignment Practice Scenarios Part 1 
  • Principal Diagnosis Selection: Acute versus Chronic Underlying Conditions 
  • Principal Diagnosis Selection - GI Bleeding vs Blood Loss Anemia 
  • Principal Diagnosis Selection: Symptom Code vs Diagnosis Code as Principal Diagnosis 
  • Principal Diagnosis Selection: When Two Diagnoses Qualify 
  • Rehabilitation Coding for the Hospital UB-04 and the IRF-PAI 
  • Swing Bed Coding in ICD-10-CM 

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HIAlearn Training Plans are developed to educate the coder in specific coding topics that have proven to be problematic. They are designed to focus on one area in detail, providing the coder with a thorough clinical knowledge of the diagnosis or procedure utilizing videos, photos, and valid websites to aid the coder in fully understanding the topic. Official coding advice and scenarios are utilized to integrate the clinical knowledge provided. Once you complete all the lessons within one course, a 10 question quiz follows. Upon completion, students will have a thorough knowledge of clinical concepts and coding guidelines of the particular topic. Participants have the option to submit their completion certificates to AHIMA, with a selection also available for AAPC CEU(s). Learn more about us »

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Courses : 15
Language : English
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