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Secondary Diagnosis Coding

Secondary Diagnosis Coding Course Package

What you'll learn

  • Basic review of official coding guidelines for secondary diagnosis coding
  • Why it is important to code and report secondary diagnosis codes on outpatient encounters such as emergency department, ancillary, clinic and outpatient surgery records
  • Coding clinics associated with secondary diagnosis coding


According to the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS) for inpatient coding, “Secondary diagnoses are 'conditions that coexist at the time of admission, that develop subsequently, or that affect the treatment received and/or length of stay. Diagnoses that relate to an earlier episode which have no bearing on the current inpatient admission should be excluded." Coders will learn when and when not to report secondary diagnosis codes.  For Outpatient, ER, Ancillary and Professional Fee coders, the secondary reporting guidelines are a little bit different. These will be discussed including a directive for outpatients in AHA Coding Clinic, Third Quarter, 2021.

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  • Secondary Diagnosis Coding 
  • Secondary Diagnosis Reporting on Outpatient Encounters 
  • Secondary Diagnosis Reporting on Outpatient Encounters and 3Q2021 Coding Clinic Examples 
  • Coding Clinic Advice Frequently Missed  
  • Coding Clinic Review 

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