Abbreviations with Definitions


In this course, we will explore various abbreviations that coders see in the coding world.  As the coder may know, abbreviations, acronyms and synonyms have proliferated over the years as reimbursement and quality measurement initiatives grow and change. Coders are not always involved in the various decision making regarding these programs, so may not totally understand what they mean. This course will list out these abbreviations with the abbreviation’s full name, a short explanation of what the terms involve, and how it pertains to coding and the coder’s job. 

Included Lessons:

  • Introduction to Abbreviations with Definitions and Explanations as they Pertain to Coding
  • Abbreviations, Explanations, and Coder Take-Aways in Alphabetical Order
  • Summary of Abbreviations with Definitions

Key Takeaways

Coders are encouraged to delve into the meanings of any abbreviations encountered during coding, as these could influence both code assignment and reimbursement. Upon course completion, keeping this list accessible for reference can prove beneficial as needs arise.

  • Comprehensive Abbreviation List: Receive a detailed list of medical coding abbreviations to aid in deciphering medical documentation.

  • In-Depth Explanations: Gain clarity on the meaning and application of each abbreviation in medical coding.

  • Relevance to Coding Job: Learn the practical relevance of abbreviations to daily coding tasks, enhancing understanding and application.

  • Enhanced Understanding of Reimbursement Process: Develop insights into how accurately interpreting abbreviations significantly impacts reimbursement.

Benefits of Taking Course

  • Understand Abbreviations
  • Accurate Coding
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Optimize Reimbursements
  • Career Growth
  • Ready Reference
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Quality Measures Insight


What kind of abbreviations will be covered in this course?
The course will cover a wide range of abbreviations commonly used in medical documentation, including those related to diagnoses, procedures, pharmaceuticals, and various medical specialties.
How will understanding these abbreviations improve my coding accuracy?

Acquiring a deep understanding of medical abbreviations will enable you to interpret medical records more accurately, thereby improving the precision of your code assignments and enhancing the efficiency of reimbursement processes.

How can I retain and reference the abbreviations after completing the course?

The course provides a comprehensive list of abbreviations and their explanations, which you can keep handy for future reference, ensuring you have a valuable resource whenever the need arises.

Will the course update its content to include new abbreviations and regulations?

Absolutely, the course content is regularly updated to incorporate any new abbreviations and comply with the latest medical coding regulations and guidelines.

How will this course enhance my proficiency in dealing with complex medical documentation?

By delving into the meanings and applications of abbreviations, you will gain insights and skills to navigate and interpret complex medical documentation accurately, ensuring optimal code assignments.

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