Arteriovenous Circuit and Interventions Coding in CPT


In this course, we review CPT coding for interventions performed on arteriovenous fistulas and grafts. We will discuss the recent updates to these codes and provide definitions for both peripheral and central dialysis circuits. Additionally, we will explain the details of the CPT coding hierarchy.

Included Lessons:

  • What is an Arteriovenous Circuit?
  • Arteriovenous Circuit in Intervention CPT Coding
  • Fistulograms or AV Graft Imaging
  • Procedural Videos
  • Coding Examples
  • CPT Assistants Pertaining to AV Fistula/Graft Procedures
  • NCCI Reference

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Arteriovenous Circuits: Understand their anatomy and clinical relevance.
  • Apply Latest CPT Codes: Ensure arteriovenous intervention coding is up-to-date and compliant.
  • Distinguish Dialysis Circuits: Decode and code peripheral and central dialysis circuits accurately.
  • Achieve Intervention Coding Proficiency: Hone coding skills for arteriovenous interventions.
  • Practice Practical Application: Dive into coding examples and procedural videos.
  • Understand Imaging Procedures: Learn coding for fistulograms and AV graft imaging.
  • Leverage CPT Assistants: Utilize expert guidance for arteriovenous procedure coding.
  • Comply with NCCI Standards: Uphold National Correct Coding Initiative guidelines in practices.
  • Master CPT Coding Hierarchy: Navigate through hierarchical rules and structures in CPT coding.
  • Implement Real-World Coding Skills: Apply course-acquired skills in actual coding scenarios.


  • Enhanced Coding Accuracy
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Optimized Decision-Making
  • CPT Coding Competence
  • Specialized Expertise


Is previous experience in medical coding required for this course?
Yes, since the course delves into specific CPT codes and interventions related to arteriovenous circuits, a foundational knowledge of general CPT coding is recommended to understand and benefit from the course material effectively.
Will I learn real-life coding examples related to arteriovenous circuit interventions during the course?

Absolutely! The course offers practical coding examples and procedural videos to ensure you can effectively apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world coding scenarios, specifically focusing on arteriovenous circuit interventions.

Can I implement the learned coding skills in different medical specialties?

Yes! The skills learned in arteriovenous circuit coding are particularly relevant to vascular surgery, nephrology, and interventional radiology coding, allowing you to apply this specialized knowledge across multiple medical specialties involving vascular access and interventions.

How does understanding the arteriovenous circuit aid in accurate CPT coding?

A deep understanding of the arteriovenous circuit, its interventions, and related anatomy is crucial for accurate CPT coding of relevant procedures. The course guides you through the anatomy, common interventions, and associated CPT codes to ensure precision in coding and billing.

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