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CPT codes are used to describe tests, surgeries, evaluations, and any other medical procedure performed by a healthcare provider on a patient. This comprehensive medical coding course package delves deep into advanced CPT coding, equipping learners with the expertise needed to accurately document and bill for a wide range of medical procedures. From intricate surgeries like cardiac catheterization and spinal fusion to specialized interventions like neurostimulation and Y90 radioembolization, this course covers a diverse array of medical coding scenarios. With detailed modules on anatomy, terminology, code reporting, and associated edits, participants will gain a thorough understanding of CPT coding principles, ensuring precision in healthcare billing and compliance with industry standards.

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Key Takeaways

Medical coders who complete this comprehensive CPT coding Training Plan will leave with a range of key learning takeaways, including:
  • Advanced CPT Coding Expertise: Participants will gain a deep understanding of CPT codes and their application across various medical procedures, enabling them to accurately code complex healthcare services.
  • Anatomy and Terminology Proficiency: The course provides in-depth coverage of anatomical structures and medical terminology, ensuring coders have the necessary foundation to assign codes with precision.
  • Compliance and Accuracy: Learners will be well-versed in compliance with industry standards and regulations, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring healthcare providers are appropriately reimbursed for their services.
  • Procedure-Specific Knowledge: From cardiac catheterization to spinal fusion and everything in between, coders will acquire specialized knowledge to code a wide range of medical interventions and surgeries.
  • Modifier Usage: Coders will understand the nuances of modifier assignment, including Modifier 59 and X{EPSU}, which is crucial for correctly documenting bundled or distinct procedures.
  • Practical Application: The course includes coding scenarios, dissecting operative reports, and CPT Assistant reviews, allowing coders to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Benefits of Taking Training Plan

  • Advanced CPT Coding Skills
  • Proficiency in Complex CPT Coding Scenarios
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Modifier Mastery
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Boosted Versatility


What is CPT coding, and why is it important in healthcare?

CPT coding, or Current Procedural Terminology coding, is a standardized system used to describe medical services and procedures performed by healthcare providers. It is crucial in healthcare because it helps ensure accurate documentation, billing, and reimbursement for medical services. CPT codes provide a common language for healthcare providers, insurers, and regulators, facilitating transparency and consistency in healthcare billing and claims processing.

What are the key differences between CPT and ICD-10 coding?

CPT codes describe medical procedures and services, while ICD-10 codes classify diseases, conditions, and diagnoses. CPT codes are used for billing and reporting medical services, while ICD-10 codes support patient care by documenting the reason for a service or procedure. Both code sets work together to provide a comprehensive picture of patient encounters.

About our Training Plans

HIAlearn Training Plans are developed to educate the coder in specific coding topics that have proven to be problematic. They are designed to focus on one area in detail, providing the coder with a thorough clinical knowledge of the diagnosis or procedure utilizing videos, photos, and valid websites to aid the coder in fully understanding the topic. Official coding advice and scenarios are utilized to integrate the clinical knowledge provided. Once you complete all the lessons within one course, a 10 question quiz follows. Upon completion, students will have a thorough knowledge of clinical concepts and coding guidelines of the particular topic. Participants have the option to submit their completion certificates to AHIMA, with a selection also available for AAPC CEU(s).  Learn more about us »

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